Might and Magic Book 1
© 1987 New World Computing
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Subtitle: Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Created by: Jon Van Caneghem
Created by: Michaela Van Caneghem
Design: Jon Van Caneghem
Design: Michaela Van Caneghem
Programming: Jon Van Caneghem
Graphics: Joe Ferreira
Graphics: Jon Van Caneghem
Graphics: Michaela Van Caneghem
Graphics: Vincent DeQuattro Jr.
Graphic design: Focus On Design
Graphic production: Focus On Design
Music: Uncredited
Special thanks to: Playtesters
Illustrations: Vincent DeQuattro Jr.
Map illustration: Jim Krogel
Technical writing: Jon Van Caneghem
Technical writing: Marie Butler-Knight
Genre: Roleplaying game

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Direct link: www.c64.com/games/1072.

It got the total rating of 6 points from the viewers. "YOU MUST INCLUDE DISK C AND DISK D OR YOU CANNOT PLAY!!!!!!" says jojo.

  Might and Magic Book 1
New World Computing 1987
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