The Castles of Doctor Creep / Brøderbund Software 1984
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Samantha: My sister and I grew up playing this game with my dad. Our favorite level was "Tannenbaum." The only reason I know the Hungarian Dance #5 is because I heard it so many times playing this game.

Peter: Wish games today would be this nice, and all this on so less memory!

CM: For some reason it took me years to figure out that there was more then just the training level! EEEEE. Anyway good game. Two player playability sold it for me.

Moon: Despite it\'s poor graphics and sometimes quite repetitive level design it\'s one of my all-time favourites. That\'s why I finally came mad a walkthrough page of it: Doctor Creep Real Estate at Finding your way out of the castles is fund especially when playing with a friend simultaneously. Be sure to check out Dungeons of Doctor Creep which is a fanmade hack with new levels and if you ever see an editor release please let me know!

Highchecker1999: One of the best multiplayer Games for the 64! A big value of castles to beat. It has an Editor so you can edit your own Castles. There is an edited version "Dungeons of Dr.Creep" outthere somewhere! If you like puzzle Games with a creepy Touch check it out with a good friend!

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  The Castles of Doctor Creep
Brøderbund Software 1984
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