Secret of the Silver Blades
© 1990 SSI
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Development: Dave Shelley
Development: SSI
Programming: Paul Murray
Graphics: Cyrus Lum
Graphics: Fred Butts
Graphics: Laura Bowen
Graphics: Mark Johnson
Graphics: Mike Provenza
Graphics: Susan Manley
Graphics: Tom Wahl
Music: John Halbleib
Story: Dave Shelley
Playtesting: Cliff Mann
Playtesting: Cy Harris
Playtesting: Dave Lucca
Playtesting: Don McClure
Playtesting: Erik Flom
Playtesting: James Young
Playtesting: Larry Webber
Playtesting: Rick Wilson
Encounter design: Dave Shelley
Encounter design: Graeme Bayless
Encounter design: Ken Humphries
Encounter design: Michael Mancuso
Encounter design: Rick White
Add copyright: Tactical Studies Rules
Genre: Roleplaying game

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It got the total rating of 4.5 points from the viewers. "You need to make it so there is no codes,puzzles and passwords to solve.And you need to make the advancements unlimited!Only then would I like it then!It's cool and good but it needs more work,so go to it!" says Aaron Travis Thompson (but call me Regginald Richard Caesar Thompson.I prefer th.

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  Secret of the Silver Blades
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