Welcome Aboard
© 1985 Brøderbund Software
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Project manager: Bill Prady
Project manager: Cricket Bird
Design: Christopher Cerf
Design: George Brackett
Programming: Tim Wilson
Add programming: Martin Kahn
Add design: Gary Carlston
Graphics: Gene Portwood
Animation: Gene Portwood
Music: Uncredited
Contribution: Lauren Elliott
Contribution: Mary Ann Cleary
Contribution: Michael Frith
Contribution: Michelle McBride
Contribution: Paul McMahon
Writer: Christopher Cerf
Writer: George Brackett
Artwork: Lauren Attinello
Producer: Franklin E. Smith
Additional text: Henry Beard
Add copyright: Henson Associates
Genre: Miscellaneous

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Direct link: www.c64.com/games/1698.

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  Welcome Aboard
Brøderbund Software 1985
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