World Games
© 1986 Epyx
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Development: K-Byte
Design: Matt Householder
Programming: Bob MacDowell
Programming: Brent DeGraaf
Programming: Chris Desterling
Programming: Doug Dragin
Programming: Jay Braman
Programming: Jeff Webb
Programming: Joe Simko
Programming: Matt Decker
Graphics: Courtney Granner
Graphics: Jenny Martin
Graphics: Michael Kosaka
Graphics: Suzie Greene
Music: Steve Mage
Producer: Matt Householder
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Once again the only thing that lets Epyx down is it's average sounds department. The music and effects aren't badly written, they just don't ever use very good SOUNDS in any of their games. Apart from that, superb playability, coll hidden animations, fantastic events and the ability to play with 8 players is amazing. Go for disk world record saves too! Get it NOW!" says Mataeus.

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