Forbidden Forest / Cosmi 1983
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Deep within the creepy scrolling forest-scape you go, with only a bow and arrows to defend yourself against the horrific creatures, on your request to defeat the evil Demogorgon. Day fades into night as you go further, tackling giant spiders and frogs, skeleton swordsmen, dragons, snakes and phantoms. The atmospheric music adds to the all-pervading sense of doom as you try to survive the horrors of the Forbidden Forest!

The game
First select an appropriate playing level using the Function keys. After the title presentation the game will start. You have three lives. Nothing will happen until you move the joystick in some way. The creatures will attack without warning, so get an arrow loaded ready. Remember you can always run away.

You will encounter in turn seven different creatures before you get to meet the Demogorgon - Evil Master of the Forbidden Forest...

Spiders: The first attack is from the giant spiders. They will keep coming until you have killed a certain number. The higher the playing level, the more you have to kill.

Bumble bee: Beware of the bloated bumble bee. He's quick and difficult to hit. There may be up to four bees depending on playing level.

Frogs: Giant bouncing frogs are raining down on you from the sky. Kill a certain number before you get crushed!

Dragons: The dragons approach with fiery breath, swerving from side to side. Shoot at the head for a kill.

Phantom and Skeleton Soldiers: You must kill the forest Phantom by hitting his hooded face. But at the same time you must fend off the attacks of his Skeleton Soldiers. They will keep coming at you until the Phantom is killed!

Snakes: Shoot at the sinuating torso of the snake while avoiding his deadly venom. If you get through the required number you will meet...

The Demogorgon: The sky blackens and the Demogorgon appears, but only momentarily in flashes of lightning. He is invulnerable except for one small spot between the eyes. You have only sixty seconds to make the shot. Wait for the flash and aim for the head. You have only one chance against the Demogorgon!

Additional information
Supply of arrows is indicated by the quivers at the bottom of the screen. The game ends when either arrows or lives are used up. The screen goes black and the title is displayed. When music stops, press Run/Stop to restart from the beginning, or Fire button to continue from where you were. If you get through the Demogorgon, you will go straight to the next level. Pressing Run/Stop while playing will reset game back to the beginning.

You control the fearless Archer who has wandered too far into the Forbidden Forest, armed only with a bow and a limited supply of arrows.

Fire button: Press once to load an arrow, then again to fire the arrow.

Joystick Right/Left: Turns the Archer through eleven different shooting angles. If the Archer is turned completely to one side, holding the stick in that direction will make him run in that direction. He cannot load or fire while running.

Joystick Back/Forward: Moves the markers at each side of the screen which set the arrow's peak trajectory. Pull back to raise your aim, push forward to lower it.

Loading instructions
Press Shift and Run/Stop. Plug joystick in port 2.

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