Friday the 13th
© 1985 Domark
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Project manager: Tony Bickley
Developed by: Applied Systems Knowledge
Programming: Brian White
Lead designer: Brian White
Genre: Runaround

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It got the total rating of 7.5 points from the viewers. "This is a very fun game, I like this even better than the NES version. Though the NES version had some suspenseful parts where you may or may not have been startled from, this one certainly has its own, even in 2006 when Resident Evil and all of those games are around, this classic is still good at giving at least me a few jumps. I like how it plays through different songs throught the game, and how you can chase, or be chased. Download it, you won't regret it." says Mike.

  Friday the 13th
Domark 1985
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