Jack the Nipper 2 / Gremlin Graphics 1987
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The country has had enough. It can take no more of the devilish pranks and obnoxious behaviour of darling little Jack! Banished to Australia, our favourite little horror jumps plane (well, what do you expect?) to land in deepest darkest Jungleland. What havoc he goes on to create is limited only by your imagination. Maybe there's something there that fancies being mugged, bitten, spat at or punished. As ever poor mom and dad dutifully follow their nauseating little offspring.

Imagine the scene – blazing hot sun beats down over a tropical forest, the only sounds to be heard are those of the chattering monkeys, a trumpeting elephant and the screeching of the parakeets. Gazelles graze peacefully and zebras are sipping gently from a tropical pool when the peace is disturbed by the drone of an aeroplane. Suddenly, a triumphant, blood curdling yell, swiftly followed by the sound of a thud, shatters the stillness – Jack has landed!

So begins the story of Jack's exploits in the jungle. After having been so dastardly in his last adventure, Jack and his family are on their way to Australia, following a deportation order. Jack is not too happy with the idea and decides to jump from the plane using his nappy as a parachute, his father following in hot pursuit. Having landed in the jungle, Jack gets up to mischief with a tropical flavour, in his efforts to avoid being caught by his dad and getting a spanking.

There's plenty for our fugitive to get up to and you can bet that he finds it! Only having very short legs, Jack finds that swinging on the ropes is a very quick means of travel. This comes in handy when being chased by marauding natives! Jack gets his own back on them though by either bouncing coconuts on their heads or blowing his blowpipe at them.

True to form, Jack tries hard to be as naughty as possible whenever he can. If Jack's dad catches him, he'll find that it's the end of his escapades as the dreaded nappy rash sets in. Plenty of tasks and puzzles await Jack in Coconut Capers – dare you take this new challenge?

Coconut Capers can be played in several different ways – for a high score, for maximum naughtiness or both.

At the bottom of the screen are two pockets – the left hand one is for naughty objects, the right hand for weapons. These are automatically placed in the correct pocket. Objects in the naughty pocket can only be exchanged for another naughty object.

Here is a selection of some useful objects: Grease, Honey, Onion, Woodworm, Shield and Log – but there are lots more to be found!

How to move
All movements are controlled by a joystick in Port 2.

CBM key: Pause on
Fire Button: Pause off
Run/Stop: Quit (when in pause mode)
CTRL: Music on/off

Loading instructions
Cassette: Insert cassette into cassette unit. Press Shift & Run/Stop simultaneously. Press play on cassette unit. The program will load and run automatically.

Disk: Insert disk into drive. Type Load "*",8,1 and press Return. The program will load and run automatically.

I'm a jungle wimp and I need some help!
I have played Jack The Nipper 2 in Coconut Capers on

__ CBM 64/128   __ Spectrum   __ Amstrad   __ MSX

And I have achieved a naughtiness rating of ______ %.

So far I have managed to increase my naughtiness by getting up to the following tricks.


Please help me to be even naughtier by sending me Jack The Nipper 2 hint sheet (Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.)


Jack the Nipper 2 full colour poster, showing just what Jack can get up to, and the hint sheet.

I enclose cheque/postal order for 99p.



Please send to: Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd., Alpha House, 10 Carver Street, Sheffield S1 4FS.

Product information
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd.,
Alpha House, 10 Carver Street, Sheffield S1 4FS.
Tel 0742 753423.

© 1987. All rights reserved. Unauthorised copying, lending or resale by any means strictly prohibited.

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