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For many years, Wiz and his fantastic cat lived happily in brightly coloured Wizworld. All was not well however as a malevolent force had discovered this vista and intended to stamp out brilliance once and for all.

The evil Zark and his horrible sprites have moved in to eliminate the spectrum and render all landscapes drab and grey.

So jump in your transporter and with the help of your faithful servant Catelite restore Wizworld to its former glory.

Collect icons for special effects as you manoeuvre to shake off the alien forces. Stunning graphics create the mood for a thrilling and compulsive game with hordes of hidden features and extra controls.

Wizball is controlled by joystick with keyboard. Moving the joystick right puts right hand spin on Wizball. Moving the joystick left puts left hand spin on Wizball. Pressing Fire activates the weapons you are carrying. Press Fire and moving the joystick controls Cat on one player option only. On two, three and four player options, Cat is controlled by a separate joystick. Wiggling the joystick from left to right selects the feature represented on the glowing icon at the top of the screen. Keyboard controls:

Run/Stop: Pause
Arrow up: Increase firing volume
Equals key: Decrease firing volume

Pressing 'Q' while paused will quit the game.

Joystick 1 (port designated by pressing fire on joystick) controls Wiz and Catelite on one player option and controls Wiz only on two, three and four player options.

Joystick 2 controls Cat on two, three and four player options.

Title screen options

One player
One player controlling both Wizball and Catelite.
Two players
One player vs another player, alternate lives.
Two player team
Wiz and Cat with separate controls playing together.
Three players
One team vs one player, alternative lives.
Four players
One team vs another team, alternate lives.

The game
The landscapes in Wizworld are comprised of three colours each. Your objective is to restore these original colours by shooting the red, green and blue colour bubbles and then use Cat to collect the droplets of chemicals as they fall to the ground. Droplets collected will be stored in the cauldrons displayed at the bottom of the screen, until such time as you have enough of each colour to make the target colour displayed in the cauldron to the far right.

In the three levels which have aliens on; one has red, one has green and one has blue. It is therefore necessary to move between the three levels using tunnels to collect all three colours. To complete a level you must colour in all three shades of grey, darkest first. After each type of colour is completed, there is a bonus stage.

When certain aliens are killed, they will deposit a green pearl which will remain stationery on the screen. If Wizball passes over this pearl and picks up the first icon on the top of the screen will glow, this indicates Wiz has the option to select a feature represented on the icon. If you want to select another feature, collect more pearls until the icon you want is glowing.

Icon 1: Thrust - Gives Wiz more control over the Wizball and allows him to move it left or right. Antigrav - Gives Wiz total control over the Wizball, stops perpetual bouncing.

Icon 2: Beam - Gives Wiz supa-beam weapon. Double - Gives Wiz and Cat automatic two directional fire power.

Icon 3: Catelite - Gives Wiz a cat fresh from training college.

Icon 4: Blazers - Gives Wiz and Cat super power blazers (use sparingly).

Icon 5: Wizz Spray - Gives Wiz mega spray protection. Cat Spray - Does the same for our feline friend (Wiz and Cat cannot have a spray at the same time).

Icon 6: Smart bomb - Kill every sprite in sight.

Icon 7: Shields - Gives Wiz and Cat shields for a limited period only.

After a bonus stage, Wiz enters Wiz-Lab and is given Wiz-Perk by his guardian angel. You may select one weapon or control which will be magically endowed up on all subsequent Wizballs from birth or opt for the bonus of 1,000 points x Wiz-level number.

Aliens: 10-500 points
Collecting pearls: 100 points
Collecting droplets: 150 points
Completing colour: 2,000 points
Completing level: 7,500 points
Bonus wave: Extra bonus wave
Aliens killed: x 40 points
Wiz points in hand: Level No. x 1,000 points

A Wizball is awarded every 100,000 points. Extra lives can also be gained on the bonus wave by shooting Wiz's lookalike (if the image makes a noise and extra life is awarded).

Hints and tips
• Level four cannot be entered until level one is completed, likewise level five cannot be entered until level two is completed etc.

• There can never be more than three landscapes occupied by aliens and when you complete a landscape, all aliens disappear. That is except on level eight.

• Near to all the tubes there are arrows which indicate whether the tube will take you to a level below or a level above.

Loading instructions
Cassette: Position the cassette in your Commodore recorder with the printed side upwards and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that all the leads are connected. Press the Shift key and the Run/Stop key simultaneously. Follow the screen instructions - Press play on tape. This program will then load automatically. For C128 loading, type GO 64 (Return), then follow C64 instruction.

Disk: Select 64 mode. Turn on the disk drive, insert the program into the drive with the label facing upwards and type Load"*",8,1 (Return). The introductory screen will appear and the program will then load automatically.

Product information and credits
This software product has been carefully developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please read carefully the instructions for loading. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program, and believe that the product is defective, please return it direct to: Mr. Yates, Ocean Software Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement if we find a fault. If we cannot find a fault, the product will be returned to you at no charge. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights.

Its programme code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. Wizball runs on the Commodore 64/128 micro computers.

Produced by D. C. Ward
Design by Sensible Software
Coding by Chris Yates
Graphics by Jon Hare

© 1987 Ocean Software Limited.

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