Wizball / Ocean Software 1987
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FatherJack: Best game on the C64 and one of the all-time greats on all platforms. Looks and sounds great and once those few power-ups are collected then what a game. Pity about the start of the game though, how many opeople have been put of the game by that.

larsfrommars: Pure magic. The best graphics, and wonderful sound effects and music. One of the best games i ever played.

Trinnexx: colourful, entertaining and a great challenge. Wizball shows even to this day how a simple concept makes a awesome game.

Emperor Roscoe: On first play it's the worst piece of crapo you've ever played. Ten minutes later, when you've figured out how to play it, you'll find that in fact, it's one of the best ever............

christian: In my opinion wizball is proberly the best game ever made on the c64. if you have the c64 hardware capabilitis in mind wizball is nothing but true masterpiece in programing, sound, graphics. the music in the end of the bonusstage is so fantastic. in fact the game is so god that even today it can give you some hours of fun in a couple of days.

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