Yie Ar Kung-Fu / Imagine 1985
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The Game
Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a test of skill development in the traditional Martial Arts. It features Oolong in his attempt to become a Grand Master in the ancient skills in honour of his father, a kung-fu master before him.

Your ultimate goal is to become a Grand Master but to achieve this you must defeat a variety of opponents each more deadly than the last. They are armed with different skills and weapons and must be overcome with a combination of 10 different attack moves.

The controls are by means of joystick and the game has a one or two player option. The fun and excitement of kung-fu is about to begin as you face your foe. Your honourable opponents are:

A huge kung-fu fighter who can attack by flying through the air.
A beautiful girl warrior who is expert at throwing deadly stars or shuriken.
Master of the nunchaka – beware his reach.
Attacks with the ancient rod or bo.
Is skilled in the art of fighting with a deadly chain.
This fighter is armed with a shield to deflect your blows and a club to strike back.
Another female adversary, this time an exponent of the ninjafan.
Sword carrying opponent, a fearsome and deadly foe.
Skilled in the art of fighting with flailing sticks or tonfun.
The kung-fu master himself, has all the skills and many of the moves of Oolong, but faster. If you can win this final battle you truly will become a Grand Master.

Joystick without fire pressed
Up: Jump
Up/Right: Diagonal jump right
Right: Walk right
Right/Down: Face punch
Down: Duck
Down/Left: Leaping punch
Left: Walk left
Left/Up: Diagonal jump left
Joystick with fire pressed
Up: Flying kick
Up/Right: Rising kick
Right: Round house kick
Right/Down: Ankle kick
Down: Leg sweep
Down/Left: Ground kick
Left: High kick
Left/Up: Lunge punch

KO meter
The KO meters for you and your opponent indicate the state of play at each level. When KO meter reaches zero, player is knocked out. You have five lives to begin your task... Good luck!

Status and scoring
On screen scoring indicates your current score, the high score and the number of lives you have remaining. Bonus life is awarded at 20,000 points and the score for each move is as follows:

Move Points
Round house kick 500
Ground kick 1,000
Leaping punch 1,500
Lunge punch 1,000
Face punch 500
Ankle kick 1,000
Flying kick 2,000
Rising kick 1,500
Leg sweep 500
High kick 1,000

Hints and tips
• Seek and attack each opponent's weak point.

• Remember Oolong can jump over his foes and put them off guard.

• Try hit and run tactics and keep your distance from armed opponents.

Loading instructions
Cassette: On the C128 type "go 64" (Return) and continue. Position the cassette in your Commodore tape recorder with the printed side upwards and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that all the leads are connected. Press the Shift key and the Run/Stop key simultaneously. The screen message should follow: press Play on tape. This program will load automatically. When loading is complete, press Fire Button and select one or two player option using joystick.

Disk: Insert joystick plug into joystick port 2 of your Commodore 64. Turn on the disk drive, then turn on the computer. Insert the game disk into the drive with the label facing upwards. Type Load"kung fu",8,1 (Return). The introductory screen will appear and the program will then load automatically.

Product information and credits
Its program code, graphic representation, and artwork are the copyright of Imagine Software (1984) Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Imagine Software (1984) Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. Yie Ar Kung Fu runs on the Commodore 64/128 computers.

Produced by D. C. Ward

Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a trademark of Konami Limited.
© Konami, © 1986 Imagine Software (1984) Limited.

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