Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2 / Imagine 1986
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It was just twenty years ago that Lee, the Kung Fu master, wiped out the dastardly Chop Suey Gang. But... one member of the gang managed to survive - Yen Pei.

Yen Pei now calls himself the Yie Gah Emperor, and with his seven warlords and their retainers, he has extended his evil influence throughout China. Lee's son, Lee Young, has come forth to meet this evil emperor.

To the deadly killing arts of Kung Fu which he learned from his father, he has added his own special techniques, based on Oo-Long Tea Power and Chow Mein Noodle Power!!

Help Lee Young to use his Kung Fu against the Yie Gah Emperor!

The game
The opponents you will have to face in order to rid China of this terrible gang, are:

1. Yen Pei (Iron pigtails)
2. Lang Fang (Fans)
3. Po Chin (Fire breather)
4. Wen Hu (Flying mask)
5. Wei Chin (Boomerangs)
6. Mei Ling (Daggers)
7. Han Chen (Bombs)
8. Li Jen (Lightning bolts)

This game may be played alone or by two players simultaneously. You control the action with joystick(s), player one in port one, player two in port two. First use the joystick to select the type of game you wish to play, and press the fire button.

You begin to game with three "Lee's". If you score 20,000 points, you get an additional "Lee" to fight with. Score another 50,000 points, and you get one more.

If one of your attacking moves connects with your opponent, in addition to you scoring points, his energy level, or KO, will diminish. When your opponent's KO is all gone, you have defeated him.

If an opponent's technique is effective on Lee, he loses a part of his energy or KO. When one Lee loses all his energy, he is defeated.

The game begins with an attack of a squadron of midget fighters. Try to move to the left of your screen while defeating them. Four scenes await you, each with its own evil warlord ready to finish Lee off.

Two players simultaneously:

1) Player one is Lee Young.

2) Player two is Lee's opponent. Select from among the iron pigtail, the fan fighter or the fire breather!

3) Press fire to start the game after selecting Lee's Opponent.

4) The best two out of three matches wins; the first player to win two matches is the champ.

The game is controlled by joystick only.

Player one without fire pressed
Up: Jump straight
Up/Right: Kick up and right
Right: Walk right
Right/Down: Kick down and right
Down: Duck
Down/Left: Kick left and down
Left: Walk left
Left/Up: Kick left and up
Player one with fire pressed
Up: Jump across in direction you are facing
Up/Right: n/a
Right: Punch right
Right/Down: n/a
Down: n/a
Down/Left: n/a
Left: Punch left
Left/Up: n/a
When flying, press fire button for fly kick.
Player two without fire pressed
Up: n/a
Up/Right: Kick up and right
Right: Walk right
Right/Down: Kick down and right
Down: Duck
Down/Left: Kick down and left
Left: Walk left
Left/Up: Kick up and left
Player two with fire pressed
Up: High attack with weapon (kick up)
Up/Right: n/a
Right: Mid attack with weapon (kick or punch)
Right/Down: n/a
Down: Low attack with weapon (Duck)
Down/Left: n/a
Left: Mid attack with weapon (kick or punch)
Left/Up: n/a

The moves in brackets are when you are quite close to Lee.

Improve your fighting techniques
Oo-Long Tea Power: If you knock out a complete formation of three midget attackers, you get one tea leaf. If you can get five tea leaves, this is enough for a cup of Oo-Long tea. Once you have enough for a cup of tea, press the Commodore key while the game is in progress and you will get a new supply of energy. You can have up to three cups of Oo-Long tea in any one game.

Chow Mein Noodle Power: Somewhere in the background of each scene is a bowl of Chow Mein. If you can find the Chow Mein noodles, this will make you invincible for a few valuable seconds.

Sound or effects
During the game, you will be able to hear either the sound effects or the music. Use the 'S' key on the keyboard to toggle between music and sound effects.

Hints and tips
When you are playing the game, always try to keep a supply of tea cups as this will help you in the latter stages of the game. If possible, always try to get the Chow Mein noodles as this is also vital in the latter stages.

• Effective technique 300 points
• Mask 1,000 points
• Midget attackers 100 points
• Winning without being hit 5,000 points
• Energy remaining at end Bonus points
• Fan, fire, boomerang, short sword and handgrenade 100 points.

Loading instructions
Position the cassette in your Commodore recorder with the printed side upwards and make sure that it is rewound to the beginning. Ensure that all the leads are connected. Press the Shift key and the Run/Stop key simultaneously. The screen message should follow Press play on tape. This program will load automatically. For C128 loading, type GO 64 (Return), then follow C64 instruction. When loading is complete, press Fire Button to start.

Product information and credits
This software product has been carefully developed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Please read carefully the instructions for loading. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program, and believe that the product is defective, please return it direct to: Mr. Yates, Imagine Software (1984) Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement if we find a fault. If we cannot find a fault, the product will be returned to you, at no charge. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights.

Its program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Imagine Software (1984) Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Imagine Software (1984) Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 runs on the Commodore 64/128 micro computers.

Produced by D. C. Ward
Written by Allan Shortt

© Konami, © 1986 Imagine Software (1984) Limited.

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