The Last Ninja
© 1987 System 3
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Design: Mark Cale
Programming: John Twiddy
Add design: Hugh Riley
Add design: John Twiddy
Add design: Tim Best
Concept: Mark Cale
Graphics: Hugh Riley
Music: Anthony Lees
Music: Ben Daglish
Data entry: Mark Snowball
Instructions: Tim Best
Producer: Mark Cale
Producer: Tim Best
Published in the US by: Activision
Genre: Adventure

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It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "I don´t like this game. Sorry, but I never found the magic of what all the world says that exists in this game. The movement is enough bad, very uncontrollable for fighting, move for the background, etc. And It is a difficult game. The music is good and the graphics aren´t bad, but the game for me isn´t very playable. I of course didn´t enjoy of all The Last Ninja saga. My favorite game of the three is Last Ninja 3 that has great music in the game." says CN.

  The Last Ninja
System 3 1987
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