The Last Ninja / System 3 1987
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David B: This game has an excellent story and very immersive environment, with fantastic graphics and enchanting soundtrack. A true classic. My only gripe is with some of the limitations that arise from the isometric perspective. It is difficult to know where you are standing, when engaged in combat or required to do precision jumping/movements. Apart from this, the game is perfect.

Shmendric: All in all a nearly perfect game.

ibon: Played it many many times. for me is the best game ever :)

Coach: My first game on C64. I just love it. One of the best games ever.

Mataeus: Not quite as good as tLN2, but the setting is better and the atmosphere is top notch. One of the games that begs for an updated DS version, The Last Ninja is an isolating, humbling and original experience as you can find on the 64. Make sure you get hold of the instructions though!

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