Test Drive
© 1987 Accolade
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Development: Distinctive Software
Written by: Amory Wong
Written by: Brad Gour
Written by: Bruce Dawson
Written by: Don Mattrick
Written by: Kevin Pickell
Written by: Mike Benna
Written by: Rick Friesen
Graphics: John Boechler
Music: Patrick Payne
Genre: Racing

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Download: Test_Drive.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/300.

It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "The thing that sets Test Drive apart from other "racers" is that, it's more of a simulator than a racing game. You're goal is to make the best time, between checkpoints, on the mountain pass road, and avoid getting caught by the cops. I have to say that it's the most realistic driving game on the C64, with rear view mirror, stick shift, radar detector, and the sound of yellow line bumps as you drive over them. A true classic." says David B.

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