Pole Position / U.S. Gold 1984
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Practice run and other races
In addition to a practice run exercise, there are three different races you may enter, each with a different level of difficulty. It's a good idea to begin with the Practice Run exercise because you will be alone on the track and will be able to practice shifting, and learn how to accelerate and steer your car.

The easiest race is the Monaco Grand Prix which contains the least number of obstacles to look out for. The intermediate race is the Namco Speedway, and the Datasoft 500 is the most difficult race.

Game controls and indicators
Select a Race or Practice Run by pressing F5/Option.

Select Number of Laps you want in a race by pressing F3/Select. All races have a 75 second (75") lap length for the first lap. You may select from one to eight laps. In each successive lap additional cars appears on the track. You will only begin a new lap if you finish the current lap within the allowed time. (60 seconds are added to your next lap time whenever you finish your previous lap ahead of the clock.)

Enter the Qualifying Race by pressing F1/Start. The race will quickly begin once you have qualified.

The Starting Countdown is represented by circles of colour in the middle of the screen. The countdown begins with red. Take off on the green light.

The Time Clock is at the top centre of the screen, and counts down as you proceed with your laps.

To Change Optional Selections, press Restore/System Reset.

Pause a Race by pressing the space bar. Resume the race by pressing the space bar again. A race may be paused for up to 45 minutes.

Controlling your race car
Steer right or left by moving the joystick right or left. Accelerate by pushing your joystick forward. Slow down by pulling your joystick towards you. Shift into high gear by pushing your joystick button. Shift into low gear by pushing the button a second time. A gear indicator in the right corner of the screen (second line) tells you when you are in high or low gear.

It's important to keep your car on the track. Driving off the track results in lost time and points. Remember not to go too fast around some turns. If you skid, your car will slow down and you will lose time. You will crash whenever you hit another car or a road sign. You have an unlimited number of cars until your time runs out.

To qualify for a race
Before you can enter one of the three races, you must enter the qualifying run to obtain one of the eight starting positions. The qualifying run is 90 seconds long, but you must complete it within at least 73 seconds to qualify for a race.

Qualifying lap times per starting position and corresponding bonus:

Starting pos. Lap Time Bonus
1 58"00 4,000
2 60"00 2,000
3 62"00 1,400
4 64"00 1,000
5 66"00 800
6 68"00 600
7 70"00 400
8 73"00 200

• Each five metres travelled: 50 points.
• Each car passed: 50 points.
• Each second left on time clock after reaching the checkered flag: 200 points.

• Commodore 64 (TM) computer
• VIC-1541 disk drive or compatible cassette recorder
• TV set or video monitor
• Joystick

Turn off your computer, remove all cartridges, and connect a joystick to port 1. After following either set of instructions below, the game will load automatically.

Cassette loading
1) Insert the Pole Position cassette into your tape player and press Play. (Rewind tape first if previously played.)
2) Turn on the computer. Press Shift and Run/Stop keys together and program will load automatically.

Diskette loading
1) Turn on the power to your disk drive.
2) Insert the Pole Position diskette into the drive and close the drive door.
3) Now turn on the computer. When Ready appears on the screen, type Load"*",8,1 and press Return.

Product information and credits
Pole Position is designed and engineered by Namco 1982. Licensed to Datasoft Inc. by Namco America, Inc. Datasoft is registered trademark of Datasoft Inc. Premiere Arcades is a trademark of Datasoft Inc. 1984 Datasoft Inc. All right reserved. Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Computer, Inc. Commodore 64 is a trademark of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.

Manufactured in the U.K. under licence from Datasoft Inc. by U.S. Gold LTD., Unit 10, Parkway Industrial Centre, Heneage Street, Birmingham B7 4LY. Printed in England by Dudley Stationers, Stone Street, Dudley.

Datasoft, 19808 Nordhoff Place, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

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