Phobia / Image Works 1989
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To sleep, perchance to dream... but don't sleep too deeply 'cos all your nightmares are waiting for you in this unique arcade-blast from Tony Crowther.

Phobia is set in the minds of men, feeding on every human fear; spiders, fire, death and dentists!

Grab hold of your courage and prepare to face the frightening challenge of each of the 14 planets that Phobos has set against you. Can your body take the heat, can your brain take the pressure!

The game
Lord Phobos, Master of Fear, has imprisoned the daughter of the Galactic President and is holding her captive on the surface of the Sun.

Knowing that a rescue mission would be launched, Phobos has created a series of worlds which must be passed through before any prospective rescuer gains access to the Sun. After careful study of the human mind and subconsious, Phobos has fashioned each planet in the form of a human Phobia - he knows that this is the most powerful human emotion, and the fear of fear itself is enough to deter any would-be heroes.

Situated in the core of each planet is a rare element which affords total protection against the heat of the Sun - nine of these are required to protect the entire ship and allow an attack on the Sun itself.

Phobos has other defensive systems to deter the rescue mission - his dreaded Sun Troops will start out from the opposite end of the Stellar System and attempt to cut off the routes to Phobos - they will leave light barriers between planets which will destroy any ship attempting to pass through at Light Speed. The only way through these is to either sacrifice a ship, or to collect a Space Pod from an orbiting moon and sacrifice this. Space Pods will also produce firepower after sufficient power-ups have been collected.

Progress through the game is made by destroying a Phobic planet, travelling through to the core and collecting a shield piece, then progressing on to the next planetary system. If the moon of the planet is flashing this indicates that Space Pods are present, and you have the opportunity of fighting through the Lunar defences to collect these.

The components of the Phobic planet will leave behind power-ups when destroyed, which can be collected to improve the fighting characteristics of your craft. Also present on every Phobic planet are the Key Generators which power an impenetrable shield at the end of each system - these must be identified and destroyed before the shield is reached.

Game controls
Control is by joystick only. To select two players, push the joystick right until the second score panel has activated. Two players will require two joysticks.

Commodore key: Pause (fire to restart).
Run/Stop: Abort game.

The split ship function is controlled by the Space Bar or the Fire Button on the second joystick (if connected).

Note: The tape version of Phobia will require levels to be played in a fixed order.

If you choose to undertake the mission with a comrade, then a special Energy Exchange Weapon System can be employed - firing at the other player's ship gives it a 'power-up' - the ship will change colour as the energy is absorbed and when the charged ship next fires, it will unleash a devastating burst of destruction, proportional to the amount of energy absorbed. If you are playing as a single player, the a Binary Doppelganger Loop System can be used - your single can double itself up, thus increasing firepower (but also increasing vulnerability).

Loading instructions
Disk: Load"*",8,1 then press Return.
Tape: Press Shift and Run/Stop simultaneously.

The computer program and its associated documentation and material are protected by national and international copyright law. Storage in a retrieval system, reproduction, translation, copying, hiring, lending, broadcasting and public performances are prohibited without the express written permission of Mirrorsoft Limited. All rights of author and owner are reserved worldwide. (AT2D-PHO22)

© 1989 Mirrorsoft Ltd., Imageworks, Irwin House, 118 Southwark Street, London SE1. Tel: 01-928 1454.

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