Erebus / Virgin Games 1986
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Amongst the silent stars is the almost forgotten planet Erebus. Erebus is a natural planet but has been heavily developed for the refinement of Earth's waste products into useful gases and chemicals. There is danger in these refinement processes and Erebus is fully automated, requiring very little intervention from man, except occasional maintenance.

However, observers of the skies noticed activity around Erebus and further investigation revealed that special missions from the nearby planet of Hadebus were behaving suspiciously, especially as they are sworn enemies of Earth! In fact they are turning the automated refinement processes of Erebus to their own ends to produce a nerve gas so noxious, once manufactured in quantity the Earth's population could be obliterated!

You are the chosen to eliminate the Hadeans from the refinery, you need not spare your laser fire, as these aliens are mortal enemies of Earthlings. So go forth and purify the universe!

Quick start instructions
To load press Shift and Run/Stop. Joystick Port 1. Joystick to move in four directions, button to fire. All the aliens are mortal enemies of mankind so kill anything that moves! Avoid solid or projecting objects. Kill enough aliens to gain access to the dimension ducts to pass to the next section.

General instructions
The refinery is split into different levels of circular sections interlinked by dimension ducts. You must completely orbit each section eliminating as many of the enemy as posible and then you may gain access to the dimension duct. You will have to fight hard in this 30 second section of the game but it is the only way to progress to the next section. If you fight well at this point you can gain an extra life as well as mega points. You must be careful as Erebus is a built-up planet and you must not collide with any projecting buildings or solid objects.

Control panel
You will see information about your current score, hi-score, the name of the section you are in and lights depicting how many lives you have. On the right-hand side of the panel the orbicator shows how far round the section you have got.

Credits and product information
Programming and game design by Steve Lee. Graphics created by Martin Wheeler. Music by Dave Lee. Virgin Games Ltd, 2/4 Vernon Yard, Portobello Road, London W11 2DX.

All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work being produced are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this cassette is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, nor liability for damage arising from its use.

Warning: These programs are sold according to Virgin Games Ltd's terms of trade and conditions of sale. Copies of which are available on request. (p) 1986 Virgin Games Ltd. (c) 1986 Virgin Games Ltd.

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