Booga-Boo / Indescomp 1983
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To manoeuvre Booga-Boo to the exit which is located at the top of the cavern in which he is trapped, in the shortest possible time. Avoid the Flying Dragon and the Venus Fly Traps.

No fleas on this program! Itchy action!

Directional controls
Move joystick (in port 2) left to jump left and right to jump right. The jump is actually made when the joystick is centered and the strength of the jump is dependent upon the position of the indicator located at the bottom of the screen. If the Fire Button is pressed and the joystick is moved then the screen will scroll in that direction, so that you can look before you leap. F1 will turn the music off.

Happy Hopping!

We love you
Down through the inky spaces between worlds we fell, the ether whistling past. Down, down into the blue, blue world below we fell landing easily on a shelf of rock. Alien vegetation pointed colourfully upwards towards the stars from whence we carne.


An alien world a million light years from home, and what strange life will we find here? We sit and look out over the suns as they set in clouds of boiling vapours, the moons slowly gain dominance in the night sky.

Sproing! Sproing!

The planet surface is cold now, we are going to retire for the night, tomorrow we will explore. Strange, we all feel as though we are being watched. Silly really, new planets can do that to a person.

Sproing! Sproing! Sproing!

"Now out jump I, Booga-Boo, now gone they have; out Booga-Boo. From depths darkest, goes Hippity Hop I, up to the sky, almost I fly. Now what think you, of Booga-Boo? Caves and ledges, caves and ledges: up to hop I, though I no fly, I am me, Booga-Boo the flea! (You see). Booga-Boo we love you, Booga-Boo love people too. Save from the monster me, else I be a very sad flea.

Sproing! Sproing! Sproing! Sproing!

Loading Instructions
1. Make sure that the tape is fully rewound to the start.

2. Hold down the Shift key and press the Run/Stop key and the words Load and Press Play on Tape will appear.

3. Start the cassette machine and in a few seconds the display will show that the program is loading.

4. When it is fully loaded, the program will run by itself.

Loading problems are rare with the Commodore 64. If they do occur, it is usually because the recorder heads are dirty. Clean them regularly with tape head cleaning fluid. Keep the deck well away from the television as hum pick-up can also cause mis-read of data.

Product information
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Indescomp 1983
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Indescomp 1983
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