Super Pipeline / Taskset 1983
Screenshots: play/stop

The Game
You are the foreman. Your job is to keep the pipeline open. Take workmen to fix plugs. Watch out for the evil Ladderman. His mission is to plug the pipeline and stop you saving thousands of gallons.

Setting up
Use joystick in Port 1 or these keys:

Up: W, I
Up/Right: n/a
Right: S, K
Right/Down: n/a
Down: Z, M
Down/Left: n/a
Left: A, J
Left/Up: n/a
Fire Space
Function Pause

Use TV volume control. To change any options follow the screen instructions.

Watch out for six legged Venusian pipe spiders and hard case super Lobster. These workmen are expendable.

Loading instructions
a) Start with Commodore 64 switched off.

b) Remove all peripherals except joystick, tape and screen. The tape player should be as far as practical from the TV monitor.

c) Switch on and check so that the tape is rewound.

d) Hold down Shift and press Run/Stop.

e) Press Play on the tape player.

f) Wait until Found Super Pipeline appears.

g) Press the C= key. Pipeline will now load. The screen will be blank during loading (12 mins).

Product information
Unauthorised copying, lending, broadcasting or resale by any means strictly prohibited. Printed by Bembridge Lithography, 91 High Street, Bridlington.

© MCMLXXXIV Taskset Ltd. All rights reserved. Taskset Ltd. 13 High Street, Bridlington YO16 4PR.

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