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Blood and Guts is the ultimate combination of action and sport, strategy and skill, excitement and fun, and blood and guts! Fight against the toughest fighters in the world: Nop, Knorr, Hawk and Dog in these events: Mountain Walk, Towerjump, Rockroller, Ale Drinking, Human Hit, Cat Throwing, Armwreck, Tug of War, Polefight and Axe Throwing.

You select all functions with the joystick in port two. Player one uses the joystick in port two and player two uses port one.

Selecting fighters
When the main game has loaded, you will be able to select your fighter with the joystick connected to port two. Press fire when you have selected the first fighter. If there is two fighters competing against each other, move the joystick to another fighter and press fire. Else, press fire without moving the joystick.

Compete or practise
On the following screens, you can select if you want to compete or practise. If you choose compete, the different events will load one by one. If you choose practise, you will be able to play one event as many times as you wish. After every trial, you will be asked if you want to fight again or not.

Disk: You can practise in any of the ten events by selecting it on the screen. When you answer "No" on the play again question, you will return to the main menu.

Cassette: You will load one event and then practise that event until you feel that you are good at it. After that, the next event will appear.

The events
Tug of War: You can compete against another fighter or against a droid. Controls: joystick down - a small dose of energy, press fire - a little more energy, joystick down and fire pressed - a high dose of energy. You must use your energy with caution. When the energy is drained out, you can't pull anymore. The loser will drown.

Towerjump: You must jump as far as possible from the tower. Pull the joystick down and release it to jump. To make an approved jump, you must land on your head. Press the button when the head is facing downwards. On the far right of the screen, you can see how far the droid or competitor jumped. You have three attempts to make a longer jump.

Rockroller: You have to roll a huge rock up a steep mountain. Two players are competing at the same time. You create your energy by moving the joystick up and down. When the meter is blue, you have enough energy to take a step. Press the button to take a step. The competition is won by the fighter that wins atleast two of the rolls.

Ale Drinking: Drink a barrel of beer faster than your opponent. Pull the joystick up to start drinking and then swallow by moving the joystick as fast as possible to the right and left. If you spill any beer, you are disqualified.

Human Hit: Throw stones at a barbarian. Aim the joystick and press fire to throw the stone. You have to hit the four different targets three times each and you have to do it as fast as possible.

Polefight: In this event, you either compete against your opponent or against a droid. Sitting on a log, you have to knock down your opponent with a tree club. Use the joystick to control the club.

Cat Throwing: You have three attempts to throw the cat as far as possible. Start to rotate by pressing the fire button. When you think that your speed is enough, press the fire button to throw the cat. If you wait too long, the barbarian will get tired.

Mountain Walk: You have to reach the middle of the rope as fast as possible. The barbarian that reaches the centre, will start to shake the rope until the other barbarian falls down.

Axe Throwing: Throw axes at your opponent. You throw one axe and the opponent tries to avoid the axe and then you change. Aim the axe by pulling the joystick in the right direction. You can avoid the axe by jumping over it or duck.

Armwreck: Pull the joystick to the left and right to gain strength in your arm. The barbarian that loses will be marked by a bird.

The end
The barbarian that loses will get what he deserves!

Loading instructions
Disk: Insert the diskette with side one upwards. Type Load"*",8,1 and press Return. The disk will load and run automatically.

Cassette: Insert the cassette. Press Shift and Run/Stop simultaneously. Then press play and the game will load and run automatically.

© 1986 American Action AB. All rights reserved worldwide. Created by Greve Graphics for American Action AB, Box 10090, 200 43 Malmö, Sweden.

Package design by Charles McNewson. Front cover illustration by Chris Valentine. Unauthorized copying, lending, broadcasting or resale without written permission from American Action AB is strictly prohibited.

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