Bacchus Tool Page
Do you want tools? Sure you do! This extensive collection of C64 tools are avalible for the Amiga, PC, MAC, BeOS, Unix and OS/2 systems. Program example: "C64-Connect" is the fastest and most convenient way to transfer C64 (one file) programs between PC and C64. Go get it!

The Burrow
Ex-Zzap! editor Gordon Houghton's Zzap! and C64 pages.

C64 Audio
If you're serious about your C64 music, you must check this site out. Everything you buy helps support the C64 composers, and most of the CD's are professionally pressed and mastered. And where else can you buy video of C64hq's Andreas Wallström? ;)

C64 Midi
This site holds a wide collection of C64 tunes in midi format, lots of screen grabs, and some cool tunes for your Nokia phone (Sanxion is recommended).
Slaygon provides virtual hosts for lots of sites - just check the stats! You'll also find SlayRadio and SidFind on the site.

CCS emulator
CCS emulates everything really good and there has never been any problems running it. Who else could have done it this good if not Per-Håkan Sundell (the man behind Computerbrains Cracking Service). Salutes!!

If you're really deep, deep into the C64 nostalgia thing, you can't live without this site. Cocos is your one stop resource for Commodore 64 related websites.
Mainly it's a collection of photos of C64 composers, but many of the composers also made an audio-file with greetings to their fans.

The Epyx/Summer Games homepage
This is a tribute page to Epyx. Read the story about the company and why they went bankrupt. There's also an interview with Stephen H Landrum (Pitstop 2, Summer Games) there.

Girls of 64
This site has collected games with sexual content. They also have slide shows and animations, with the "classics" Swedish Erotica by Mr Software and Farm Song by TMC. Wicked!

High Voltage SID Collection
There are over 27,000 SID tunes on this site. It has the largest and best collection of music produced on the Commodore 64. Can it get better than listening to your favourite tunes while working with your computer? No.

In Medias Res
I think these guys were the first to put up a site with interviews done with our C64 heroes. They have been able to locate a lot of old game and demo producers, on both C64 and Amiga, and therefore having a lot of interviews.
A site dedicated to crack-intros from all the legendary groups as well as the less known ones. The site has over 1,900 intros online.

The Last Ninja Archives
This is a fun site, and yes, it's a tribute page to the Last Ninja games. Has updates, news, rumours, manuals, artwork (a really great section) and information on Last Ninja 4! A must for the dedicated.

Mastertronic Web
This is a site dedicated to providing a reference to Mastertronics famous range of budget games software, incorporating the 199 Range, Adventurer, Mastertronic Added Dimension, Plus, Virgin-Mastertronic and export labels.

The New Dimension
This site is run by C64 game programmer and musician TND. There's plenty of stuff to download, including his own games.

GRG and his team-mates in Nostalgia has released quite a few quality versions of old games like Double Dragon, Meanstreak and Zig Zag. But they have also done a couple of demos and music collections that's worth checking out.

We haven't totally forgotten about the Mac users. If you want to play games on your Macintosh, Power64 is the only emulator you need. Go fetch!

Jack Alien and the guys in Remember's one goal is to release quality versions of classical C64 games. I tell you, if you ever want to play your favourite game, make sure you get their version if available.

Remix64 is where everything comes together across the scene. Top remixers and enthusiasts often spend much of their time discussing related issues within the forum. They have the largest interviewing database of any C64 related site, reports on events, reviews of commercial CD's, a tutorial section, up-to-date news, monthly editorials and competitions.

To play your favourite SID tunes, you need a player. Sidplay is one solution, avalible for many platforms.

Our old mate Daniel Hansson and his friends has built this one amazing machine called the Sidstation. It's a MIDI-controlled synthesizer with realtime controllers. The heart of the synthesizer is the sound generating chip from the classic home computer Commodore 64 (SID).

Stadium 64
If you're a fan of sport games for the C64, this is the place to go.

This is my favourite emulator, because it has a lot of neat features. Except from the C64, it also emulates C128, VIC 20, most PET models and CBM-II.

Demo scene related

Beyond Force
These pages are about the finnish demo group Beyond Force, about how it all started back in 1988 and the groups current status.

The group was found in 1986, and while working both on legal and illegal sides of scene, Byterapers was to become one of the most famous groups on the C64 (not only because of their demos, but because of their intense partying). This site tells you about the history, members and releases from Byterapers.

Censor Design
The creators of the Wonderland series and Shock magazine have a website up, but it hasn't been updated for a while and there's a few broken links. It's not the best, it's not the worst, but a must for any fan of the group.

The Demo Dungeon
The philosophy behind this site is to give an overview of the best C64 scene productions out there (and not to provide a near-complete archive). On it, you'll find a collection of demos with screenshots, sid tunes, ratings and comments.

Flash Incorporated
On this site you'll find the groups' history, most of their releases (including the two rare cracks they did), an all-time member list, loads of pictures from various parties and meetings and also a few stories from the past. Since 1997.

Genesis Project
G*P were active in both the demo and cracking scene, and released two success disk-mags called Sex'n'Crime and Corruption. Read about the groups past, the old members and how Anticrist and The Sorceress went from swapping games to sharing a life together. Aw, it's sooo cute!

Origo Dreamline
Eldorado made these guys world famous. Elysion established them as one of the best demo groups ever. Read about the groups past, it's members and download their releases. Everyone should have them!

Anonym and the lads stunned us in the beginning of the 90's with the excellent Torture demos and they're one of few groups that's still active.


Those who has not heard of the Radwar parties before, raise your hands. Radwar has an interesting past and have had the best people working for them. Why not take a look?


Definitely one of the most famous groups on the C64 ever. They're still going, but the magic surrounding the group is no longer there. On this site you'll find lots of releases, an all-time member list, Illegal issues, SIDs and lots more.

We remember these guys because of demos like Another Perfect Demo, No Sleep 2 and Microsleep. They were one of the best groups in Sweden around 1988 and who can forget all the boasting and slagging in their scrollers?

Personal homepages

Anthony Guter
Mastertronic ex-employee and financial controller Anthony Guter has his own webpage which for instance includes the excellent story he's written about his years at Mastertronic.

Barry Leitch
If you love game music and Barrys' work, this is a site you must visit, simply because it contains a big MP3 archive and a huge MOD archive. Also read about his roadtrip and about his work on The Royal Potty.

Ben Daglish

Ben is king. And the king has his own homepage, totally dedicated to his music. You can download a couple MIDIs which represents the things he's been doing the last years. You'll also find a story about his past. It's brief, but jolly nice to read. Oh, I didn't tell you why Ben is the king... Bah, go figure.

Chris Hülsbeck
This classic C64 composer who is responsible for titles like Giana Sisters and Jinks, has put up a page that is a feast to any fan of his work. You'll find information about his old work, including the classic CDs Shades and Rainbows, as well as information about his latest projects.

Chris Shrigley
Chris programmed some unforgetable classics on the C64. Rebounder and Future Knight for Gremlin Graphics, Advanced Pinball Simulator for Code Masters, Saint & Greavsie for Code Design Ltd. On this site, you'll learn a lot about Chris and his work, both past and present.

The Oliver Twins
They put little Dizzy to life. On this website you can read the history of Philip and Andrew Oliver and their work. A must for any fans of Dizzy or them twins.

Stephen Robertson
You probably know this guy better by the name of Sir'86, and now, he has put up a webpage with all of his C64 loadingscreens and personal C64 art from the mid to late 1980's. "I may not be animated, but at least I'm in COLOUR!" - You just gotta love it!

Games companies

Big then, big now. Activision equals quality and so their home on the net is really special. Check out their Commodore 64 15 Pack which includes games like Decathlon and Master of the Lamps, ready to be played direct on your PC! Support the cause!

Audiogenic Software
This is a suprisingly crappy page (navigation is terrible). They could do a lot better. But they're still alive, that's cool.

Bitmap Brothers
The Bitmap Bros are best known to us for making Xenon and Speedball. On their homepage, they have a softography. It's small, but it's there.

You better believe it! Cinemaware was re-established in 2000 by game industry veterans responsible for hits like MechWarrior 2 and Interstate 76. Cinemaware intends to create new games based on the classic Cinemaware catalogue as well as original games in the same spirit of the originals. Defender of the Crown, Wings... Simply amazing!

The Darling brothers have been able to keep their company successful and their website is quite good (if you like to read about the games they do today). Codemasters bought Sensible Software and took Jon Hare onboard to make him head of some division. Jon is involved in another company these days tho.

Core Design Ltd.
Was built up by Jeremy Smith, Kev Norburn and Greg Holmes. They employed C64 superstars like Chris Shrigley, Andy Green and Terry Lloyd. They're most know for Lara Croft of course, but they have a history of several top hits like Rick Dangerous and Chuck Rock.

Electronic Arts
In the old days, EA stood for quality all the way through, Skate or Die, Archon and One on One to name a few.

Elite Systems
They are one of those those companies that gave us a numerous unforgetable titles like Commando, Bomb Jack and Ghosts'n Goblins. Their website is new since March 1999 and a lot better than the one they had before. Send them a mail and tell them to come back to the C64.

First Star Software
They are still there! God damn! The page really sucks, but it holds information on the new Pocket PC version of Boulder Dash.

Oh, yeah baby! Jeff Minter has re-launched the greatest company of them all. I'm a proud owner of many games from this man, and are looking forward to see what the future will bring. Go, Minter, go!

Melbourne House
They've been around since 1981 and they were the ones that gave us classics like The Way of the Exploding Fist and Rock'n Wrestle.

Rare are in a league of their own and the good news is that they have an excellent retro page! Mostly Speccy stuff, but Rare used to be Ultimate Play the Game, so that's why.

Yes, Sierra did do games for the C64 in the early days. BC's Quest for Tires, Crossfire and Frogger are just a few of those titles. The company has grown big and they have this big site. But it seem like the bigger the company is, the less fun is their website, because there's really no cool things on it.

System 3
Well, they are actually called Studio 3 Interactive now (which is really stupid since System 3 is a great name). The site hasn't been updated for ages. Has the company been put to rest?

» C64 Audio - because of the fab Back in Time CD's.

» Last Ninja Archives - the animations are hilarious!

» Sidplay - because you should play SID music everyday and everywhere.

» Sir'86 - look at his beautiful loading-screens.