A trip to Matlock
Just one month before the first Back in Time Live event, I went to visit my old hero Ben Daglish in Matlock, Derbyshire. Here are some pictures taken during our three-and-a-half-hour visit.

Back in Time Live
BIT Live was a C64 disco held in Birmingham on 16th May 2001 which you may already have heard about. I was so excited about meeting all these celebrities that hardly any of these pictures were taken at the event itself (which is a pity). But! Benn & Ratt, Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Dave Whittaker, Fred Gray, Jeff Minter and Richard Joseph were all there. Hover over the thumbnails to see who's who!

Back in Time Live 3
All in all, it was simply a brilliant evening! Too short and too sweaty, but brilliant! People from Morocco, Hungary, the UK and US, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Norway, Germany and Belgium attended the event. Here are the best 40 pictures (from the 108 we took!), covering everything from the rehersals and interviews to the live performances.

DOKK Gallery
If you don't know the name Paul 'DOKK' Docherty, you've clearly never owned a C64. It is no exaggeration to say DOKK was one of the best pixel pushers to have ever graced the C64 with such lovely hi-res screens and game graphics. In this gallery, we have focused on the 35 hi-res screens we've been able to find so far. With comments from DOKK himself, these pictures will surely bring back great memories from the days when you actually ran C64 games and demos on a real C64.

Rubicon and Rubicon 2 sketches
It is our great pleasure to be able to give you these very detailed game sketches of Rubicon and the un-released Rubicon 2. As you all know, Rubicon was directly released on the C64, whereas Rubicon 2 was to have been released on the Amiga and potentially then converted to the C64 by someone other than the original creators Fredrik Kahl (Gollum) and Joachim Ljunggren (The Sarge). Judging from these sketches, Rubicon 2 would have been one kick-ass game!

SIT Gallery
To say that Stephen 'SIT' Thomson did a good job on the C64 would be rather like saying the Pyramids at Giza 'have nice lines'. Rated as one of the finest artists in the field ever, Stephen is the force behind the graphics to be seen in games like The Untouchables and Navy Seals. Here are some 45 images for you to drool over!

STE'86 Art Gallery
Steve Day used to call himself STE'86 and was a member of the legendary Mean Team, a bunch of guys who made many stunning demos back in the day (no pun intended). This gallery comprises 42 pictures (including the previously unreleased Sid and Vic's Second pic) as well as sketches, an interview and a collection of the productions he was involved in. STE'86, we salute you!

The Sarge Show
Joachim Ljunggren a.k.a. JOL a.k.a. The Sarge was a big inspiration for all of us involved in the demo scene in the 80's. Here you'll find 114 pictures with comments from Joachim himself, a story about his past and a zip-file containing C64 productions he was involved in, along with his Amiga and PC work. This is our tribute to one of the greatest artists ever to work on the C64!

Various pictures
So you've heard of Chris Gray. You've always wondered what Abigail Darling looks like after a hot shower. You've always wondered what the offices of Firebird looked like. Well, they're all here, together with Andrew Braybrook and friends, the Epyx suits, Binary Vision and superstar Stan Schembri – just take a look! There are a couple of unknown faces in these pictures, if you know who they are, please send me an e-mail with their correct names and job titles. Click on the picture in the pop-up to close the window.

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