As everyone else, Jeff signed some of my originals.

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The photo shoot is over. Minter, Gray and Hubbard. Gray and Hubbard. Minter and Gray. Yepp, it's the same guys, but where were Crowther and Mark Cooksey? Minter, Gray, Hubbard, Galway, Daglish, Joseph with Chris Abbott and David Whittaker. As everyone else, Jeff signed some of my originals. Jeff answered some questions. Richard Joseph was there too... And ofcourse Jeff Minter showed up. Here together with our old friend Che. Two heroes meet: Ben Daglish and Martin Galway. One proud datanerd in the middle! Interviewing these guys was a blast. Lots of laughs! Benn & Ratt, Ratt & Benn. Here I am having a laugh with Antony Crowther. The amazing We M.U.S.I.C. Gray was a really nice chap. The interviews were done in Club DNA's basement. Fred Gray answered all my questions. It worked out okey, didn't it Dave? Dave looks a bit worried. David Whittaker finally agreed on answering a few questions, as long as I didn't video it. I'm proud to say the least! Ocean superman. Galway explains. Martin Galway was the one to be interviewed first. David Whittaker and Martin Galway greeted us when we arrived at the event. We met Ben Daglish and Jeff Minter in the hotel lobby. Hubbard looking very serious. I first interviewed Rob Hubbard in his hotel room.