While waiting for Press Play On Tape to show up, Ben Daglish entertained us by playing just about every instrument he could get his hands on.

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This one was taken during the interview, and I now know how to pronounce his name right! :) As well as Jeff, Dave, Adam, Richard, Jon and Ben, Reyn Ouwehand signed the C64 I brought with me. Chris Abbott, Emilie and Boz just an hour before the event ended. Oh, the event, the glorius event! Here they are again! While I was interviewing Richard, Adam was about to leave. But before he left, I took this picture of them both together with Emilie. I think this picture really captures Richard Josephs' personality. If you have talked to the man, you might know what I'm talking about. As always, people showed a huge interest in the llama man. I tried to interview him, but it seemed kind of impossible. But he gladly posed for the camera. Jeff Minter was there too. Watch out PPOT: there's a new boyband on the block! The event was crowded, and it was hard to do a decent interview there. I suggested to Pascal to do the interview in the ladies room, and he had no problem with that! :D Text here This picture of Jon Hare was taken during the interview I did with him. He looks quite evil, don't you think? But I can assure you he's NOT! :) This picture of my mate El Cupido was taken while we were talking to Slaygon and Widdy. A picture of us four together exists, but it's way too blury. Although the sale figures weren't as big as the organizers had hoped for, the shop had some really neat things on sale. Ben joined in on flute, playing both on Krakout and Auf Wiedersehen Monty. This picture shows how well it went! It was an amazing experience for us all. If you missed it, download the MP3's. They're worth it! Pascal joined PPOT on stage, kicked ass and got a huge crowd response! Søren in full concentration. The first 8-bit rock concert outside of Japan is a fact! Theo and Jesper in full concentration. But the first act never showed up, so he entertained the crowd by playing William Wobbler and other small melodies. Ben is introducing tonights event. But this time Dave took it lots easier on the drinks. :) The first interview of the day was a catch up interview with David Whittaker at the bar. One hour before the event started, the street outside Gossips was filled with people, and they were all there for a freakin' C64 event! Amazing! And what a treat it was! The interview with Adam Gilmore was done in Marquis of Granby (a London pub). The PPOT lads: Uffe, Søren, Theo, Martin and Jesper. Here's the organizers: Boz, Kenz, Waz and Chris. Ben close-up. Ben was interviewed once again. And among many things, we talk about why his C64 tunes are so damn happy! Martin Koch, the second guitar player in Press Play On Tape. Pascal is about to finish the Monty soloing. Can you see the torture in his face? :) Søren Trautner Madsens' drumplay made Auf Wiedersehen Monty really heavy! Bassplayer Uffe Friis Lichtenberg and Ben while performing Krakout. The playlist. Jesper Holm Olsen are getting his gear ready and Pascal Roggen is probably thinking about Monty on the Run. The band finally arrives and starts getting the gear up. Here's the rehersal studio, but where's that BAND? While waiting for Press Play On Tape to show up, Ben Daglish entertained us by playing just about every instrument he could get his hands on.