These pictures were taken from old magazines and therefore the quality isn't always that great. But they show you a bit of how things were in the old days.

The absolute best magazine for the C64 in Sweden was Datormagazin. These pictures were taken from it: Andrew Braybrook with friends (9/88), Chris Gray in Stockholm again (2/86), Firebird people working even harder (3/86), Ocean Software (2/87), Simon Nicol (10/87), System 3: Paul Docherty, Mark Cale, Stan Shembri (9/89), Zach Townsend (8/87).

Oberoende Computer was a great magazine that had it's origin in Denmark, but it was also translated and published in Sweden. I took these pictures from there: Abigail Darling (6/88), Andrew Braybrook, an early one (2/88), Binary Vision: Rupert Bowater & Paul Norris (5/87), Codemasters football team (1/89), Codemasters game testers (6/88), Dan Malone (5/87), Firebird development manager: unnamed (3/88), Firebird people working hard (3/88), Geoff Brown (2/87), Greve Graphics and Lars Hård (2/87), Pete Stone (5/87), Richard, U.S. Gold PR manager (2/87).

Svenska Hemdator Hacking was a so so magazine that featured all kind of homecomputer brands, which we all know doesn't work that well. They had a few nice pics though: Chris Gray in Stockholm (3/86), The three Epyx pics (5/86), John Forest/EA & David Martin/Martech (8/87), PCW Show '86 (5/86).

All the Jeff Minter pictures were taken from Allt om Hemdatorer, one the first Commodore magazines in Sweden, issue 2/84.

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Zach Townsend, author of Platoon and Rambo III among many titles for the Commodore. System 3: Paul Docherty, Mark Cale and Stanley Schembri. Simon Nicol, author of Crazy Comets and Mega Apocalypse. Richard, U.S. Gold PR manager. Pete Stone, managing director at Palace Software. PCW Show '86. Ocean Software. Some of the people present in this picture are: Martin Galway (top right corner), Zach Townsend (infront of Martin), Stephen Wahid (to the left of Zach), Andrew Sleigh, Jane Lowe, Mark Jones and Allan Shortt. Datormagazin, who published this picture, screwed up all the names, so it's impossible to exactly say who's who. One of Jeff Minter's many llamas. Jeff Minter is being interviewed. Jeff Minter with reporter. Jeff Minter and his mum at LET'84. Greve Graphics music man Lars Hård. Greve Graphics: Nils Hård, Lars Hård and Bengt Caroli. Geoff Brown, U.S. Gold founder. This is Paul Hibbard, development manager at Firebird. He wrote Rasputin for the Spectrum among other things and he later became a publisher at Telecomsoft. Firebird people working even harder. Firebird people working hard. Even more Epyx suits on a visit to Stockholm. John C Brazier, senior vice president at Epyx. Epyx suit Gilbert K Freeman. John Forest/EA & David Martin/Martech. Dan Malone, Palace Software artist. The gametesters at Codemasters. Letting kids to the dirty job is illegal in some countries you know! :) Codemasters football team. Chris Gray in Stockholm again. Chris Gray in Stockholm. Binary Vision: Rupert Bowater & Paul Norris. Andrew Braybrook with friends. Andrew Braybrook, an early one. Abigail Darling taking a shower.