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Tell us something about yourself.
My full name is Thomas Mogensen, I'm 28 years old and I was born on the 20th of November 1975 in Hobro, Denmark. At the moment I live by myself in an apartment in Aalborg. I'm working as a clinical psychologist in Aarhus where I mainly work with patients with different kinds of personality disorders, but I also treat people with different kinds of anxiety disorders. Most of my spare time is spent with friends and occasionally I find some time for composing. I've actually been composing quite a lot on the C64 lately.

What handle(s) did you use and how did you come up with it/them?
Now, please promise not to laugh... My first handle was in fact Wolfman. Yeah, I know it sounds pretty lame but I guess I'm excused since I was only 11-12 years when I took it. My brother Ole is still teasing me with it! I later changed my handle to Drax which isn't much better, but who cares? I have had that handle since 1988-89 and it was Tiger of Noise who suggested it, I guess I just thought: "Yeah, hmmm... why not?"

What group(s) were you in?
Bones, Noise, Nato, Unitech Designs, Vibrants, Amok, Bonzai, Visual Reality, Conic, Crest and Maniacs of Noise. I might have forgotten a few and I remember being in quite a lot of groups at the same time.

What roles have you fulfilled?
I was a musician. I did some coding, but wasn't great at it. I drew some graphics and I might have been a decent artist if I had given it a proper try. I'm not exactly patient so I gave up on programming and graphics pretty fast.

How long were you active for?
From 1988 to 1994, but I occasionally did some music after that period.

Tell us about those years and how you got into the scene in the first place.
My brother Ole, being a total computer geek, have definitely influenced me - yeah, that's right, I blame it on you, thank you very much! ;) I remember him programming demos, making graphics, composing music and also some swapping. The music-making especially caught my attention and I started trying out Soundmonitor and Rob Hubbard's player in a monitor. I still wonder where my tunes in Hubbard's driver are. My brother was a member of a local group together with Tiger and he played some of my music and Tiger was pleasantly surprised and told me that Bones was looking for a musician. I then sent some music to Max/Bones, he liked it and asked me to join - and I did. Later I joined Noise and after that several other groups.

My proudest moment was when I joined Maniacs of Noise. Jeroen Tel contacted me in 1996 and asked if I was interested in being a MoN member. Since MoN was my absolute favourite group, I didn't hesitate for a moment and joined.

Describe a typical day for you in front of the computer.
After making a cup of hot and very black coffee and loading JCH's editor up, I would begin to compose. Now and then I would take a break and listen to some other music, mostly Jeroen Tel's. I would also check out some demos and occasionally draw graphics.

Did you personally invent any special techniques or tools to make things easier for you?
No, not that I consciously remember.

When you look at what you did back then, what are you most proud of?
Hmmm... That's a tough one. I guess I'm most proud of the music I did in 1993-1994. The music I did in 1989 wasn't that bad either, bearing in mind my young age and the quality of music at the time.

Who were your heroes on the scene and why?
Maniacs of Noise were definitely my heroes, especially Jeroen Tel because he added a specific melodic style to the C64 and of course he invented the special "JT-melody-chord" thing. Thomas Egeskov Petersen (Laxity) and Johannes Bjerregaard were also my heroes.

What, for you, was the coolest thing ever invented on the C64?
JCH's editor. Or perhaps opening of the side-border (thanks 1001 Crew).

Did you go to any copy-parties, meetings or tradeshows?
Yeah, I attended a couple of copy-parties and meetings. I believe my first copy-party was the 2000 A.D. party in 1989, the second one was the Upfront, Dominators and Triology party in Randers, Denmark in 1989. I attended some other parties too and I was often invited to meetings. I especially remember those meetings with Bones, Upfront and Triangle... and not to forget those held by Bonzai! ;)

In your opinion, what was the scene all about?
Creating a personal and group identity within a sub-culture (the scene). Striving towards being the best and having a really nice time with others sharing the same interest.

What were the particular highlights for you?
The party in Randers was great fun, and I especially remember sitting there together with Johannes Bjerregaard, watching him making music.

Any cool stories to share with us?
Hmmm... Nah... I believe I might have done some crazy things being drunk and things like that. The Bonzai dudes have stories to tell you, that’s for sure! I guess I was too drunk or I might even have repressed the events. ;) Sorry guys.

Are you still in contact with any old C64 people today?
Yes, I occasionally meet some of the guys from Bonzai and Camelot. Dize of Bonzai is definitely the one that I'm seeing most often since we're living in the same city. We now and then go out and drink beers and watch all the nice ladies from a distance (since we're nice guys ;)).

When did you get your C64 and do you still have it lying around somewhere?
I got my C64 in 1988 and I still have it at my parents place. Before that, I used my brother's.

Was the C64 really as special as we like to think it was?
Yes, of course it was. I know when I see the old demos today I get a little disappointed but it doesn't change that the atmosphere from back then was something special. There was a special atmosphere in the C64 scene and the people around it that unfortunately cannot be re-created.

When can we expect to see some new C64 output from you? :)
Very soon. I'm fiddling around with some ideas for a music demo.

Do you have a message for your old contacts and/or anyone reading this?
I would like to say hello to my bro, JCH, Metal, Link, JO, MSK, Laxity, Jeroen Tel, Scortia, Rambones, Vic/CML, Jeff/CML, Duck La Rock/CML, Steppe, Jazzcat, Mr.Alpha, Tom Roger Skauen, Gerard Hultink and No-XS. Also to the guys in Bones, Nato, Noise, Crest, Conic and all the guys I have forgotten.

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