Autoguard screenshots
Video stills from one of the greatest games that never was
Title screen: Game created by Pagoda Software.
Title screen: Concept and programming by Jason Daniels.
Title screen: Graphics and music by Tom Lanigan.
Main menu screen
Autoguard construction menu
Motivation menu. Choose your type of propulsion unit.
Hover unit delivered in basic steel armour, costing 30 points.
Kevlar armour selected. The steel hover unit is replaced in shiny red kevlar.
Full kevlar armour chassis complete and ready for weapons.
Oh, wait! Is that really a post Las Vegas Elvis roaming the corridors of the Autoguard Research Complex? He lives! Originally programmed to appear once in many, many hours of play.
Standard Automatic weapon system selected, costing 20 points, and leaving 10 points for the special equipment section.
Originally designed to be part of the construction process, these special items will now be available within the main game via a delivery depot. This part of the construction menu will be replaced by a variable carrying capacity storage option (10 points minimum, 40 points maximum carrying capacity).
Don't like this Autoguard? Trash it and start a new one. The podium has a trap door and now this Autoguard is history!
Adversaries: Hoodlums
Adversaries: Mercenaries
Adversaries: Robots
Adversaries: Droids
Main game screen. The control panel not yet functioning.
Main game refinery screen with the Hoodlum adversaries.
Main game refinery screen with the Hoodlum adversaries.
Main game refinery screen with the Hoodlum adversaries.
Prime example of the BMGS (Bit-Mapped Graphics System) engine in operation. The Autoguard is shown behind the gate and the Hoodlum is shown in front of the gate. However, because the gate is a mesh, the Autoguard is still partially visible through the meshing, all processed real-time and for all objects on-screen.
Main game refinery screen with robot adversaries.
Main game refinery screen with robot adversaries.
Main game forest screen with bomb. Waste the adversaries first and then defuse that wretched bomb. Nudging the bomb sprite will activate the bomb subgame. The large bomb graphic will appear and a disarming code will flash. The vertical colour wheel will start to rotate and the correct colour in the correct sequence must be selected.
The Bomb is now open and the correct order must be adhered to when dealing with those internal bouncing blocks.

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» Tom Lanigan - "We decided very early on that we would promote ourselves in a very professional way. When we visited Ocean Software and met Gary Bracey, we stood there in our business suits and did our very best presentation. Jason, who was much better at talking than me, got into full flow and then as he attempted to load a game into their systems, he received a massive electric shock! He then carried on presenting, articulate as ever, whilst having a stiffie and having strands of hair standing up and waving about in the breeze." Click to read our interview with Tom!