Alice (SLAY Radio DJ): It is not easy to describe what it is like to hear C64 remixes live, you just had to have been there. This cosy club in Copenhagen for one night hosted more retro-fanatics than I could ever had hoped for, and I loved it! I got to see Rob Hubbard, the unassuming god of both originals and remixes. Mark Knight with his purple hat, playing the violin like he had sold his soul, just as I wanted it to be. Axes Denied from Finland, suprisingly young and suprisingly super. Visa Röster, very tight as usual and their analogue scrolling message made out of cardboard was just in my taste, like pixels for real or touchable digitals. SID'80s were even better than I was expecting and PPOT wrapped it all up and managed on the whole to present a very good event. Since this was the first time for me, I have nothing to compare it with but it had to be good, since I was smiling the entire time, jumping up and down to Bomb Jack, Giana Sisters, even the wildcard Leisure Suit Larry. From the heart, thank you, all who where there, and all who made it happen, for making this night super extra special fun. And special thanks to Boz who got me a ticket and convinced me this was something I would appriciate. =)

Andrew 'Merman' Fisher
It was a long trip for me to get to the CRC, but definitely worth every minute. Visa Roster unveiled some excellent new tracks, along with their 2nd C64 CD. No Sofia this time, but the standout moment was the "scrolly message". The C64Mafia (Makke & DHS) popped up for one song as well. Axes Denied put on a good show, helped by the bubbles & balloons in Bubble Bobble. Good to hear a new band, although sound problems did hamper them. Rob Hubbard and Mark Knight played a similar set to the one they did for Back in Time Lite, topped off with some funny moments from Mark. The "surprise" – Press Play on Tape and Jon Hare playing the Cannon Fodder tune on game controllers – was superbly executed and a real highlight. You had to be there. Stuck In D'80s coped without Ben Daglish, and really rocked. Think Twice 3 was awesome in the way it built up. All the musicians played their hearts out. The headliners, PPOT, played a great set. It's hard to pick out the best song, because they were all good. The encore of 3 songs with Rob Hubbard (for Nemesis the Warlock), and Rob and Mark Knight for Thrust and Monty on the Run, was a fantastic end to the live music. It's the little touches that I'll remember. The C64 screenshots pasted round the room. Isabella Rosendorf's amazing retro paintings ( Meeting up with the performers and some good friends. Johannes' slow-motion kung-fu and white headband. And most of all another succesful retro event that I was glad to be part of.

Boz: Well, CRC'05 has been and gone, but it won't disappear from memory. What a fantastic event! Four bands, and a song from C64Mafia, playing live in front of upwards of 300 people. The atmosphere of the place was great. The PA system was OK, if not a little too quiet towards the back of the building. This was, however, because of technical reasons (feedback and the like), and when you have a room full of people, that kills a lot of the sound too. Starting off was Visa Röster, who came on stage to the intro of Commando (one of the tunes from their new CD) and performed a pop-band dance-routine while singing; a great way to start the main proceedings. Axes Denied were excellent, too – I had only heard a couple of recorded tunes that they had done, but when they play live they play very well indeed – and they don't just stick to C64 tunes. We were treated to Super Mario Brothers, for instance. Then up was SID'80s, who I have to say are my personal favourites. Spellbound gets me every time, and I wasn't disappointed. Even with the unfortunate no-show of Ben, the band filled the gaps and peformed a tight, accoustically perfect set. And then our hosts were on. PPOT have got their set down to a fine art, playing great music and adding a bit of performance flair to some of the songs. The main addition to their set this year was Cannon Fodder, where they used console joypads, dancemats and other peripherals to play the music. What a novel idea, and looked brilliant! Jeroen Tel finished off the proceedings with an hour set of music. Unfortunately a lot of people left at this stage. I stayed behind in the lounge so I could hear some great music going on. So, overall... what can I say? Bring on CRC'06 is the best way of putting it!

Chris Abbott: I was very impressed at how PPOT organised and ran the event, and the acts all performed magnificently. Favourite moment had to be seeing Soren do Das Gamer again. :)

DHS/The Soundwavers: CRC2005 has been a bomb: all the known band outperformed what they did in previous concerts. And, the new entry, Axess Denied, showed to be a great addition to the scene. Their Turrican 2 cover simply rocks! It has been really great to meet all the friends from the scene, and we had some great times togheter, both outside and inside CRC. I definitely hope there will be another retroconcert, maybe in a bigger venue and in summertime.

Drax/Maniacs of Noise: Nice compositions, cool performances... Bad sound!!! Really bad. Oh, I almost forgot... nice people. Meeting Rob Hubbard and talking to him and having a picture taking with him is my best memory from the event. Meeting Jeroen Tel and Rick Hoekman was nice too, and of course a special thanks to Slammer who let us stay at his place. Thanks Mads!

Johannes Lindén/Visa Röster: Thanks all you guys for a teriffic concert evening. Once again! The last time in London sept 2004 sure also was a very speciall experience. To me it is a bit of a mystery this sub culture exists and are as dedicated as is it. If I would have known this 15 years ago I would never had sold my own C64. To most of you that must seem like blaspheme, but what can I say. I was young and stupid. However, I love the music, the dedication and the spirit. And every now and then I feel like getting a C64 of my own (if one can) and play some of the old games and listen to the original music. Because it is good music. It was quite something to meet Rob Hubbard (I actually got his autograph), the man behind most of this music. Another thing I won't forget is that I actually didn't become that dizzy of the IRL-scroll text as I feared. Thanks PPOT, Axes Denied, SID'80s, Rob Hubbard and everybody present for a magnificent evning. Hope to see you again soon.

Makke: The best memory, as always, was meeting "the people". I'd for example never met DHS and Drax before. Always fun to meet new people, but almost more fun to hook up with "the gang" again. There's always such a great atmosphere and everyone are glad to see each other. A little extra bonus during the Friday was to take part of the Danish julebryg-premier! Best concert memory will have to be Axes Denied. They impressed me, and seeing them on stage was a little extra fun as I'd never heard them live before.

OctaveSounds: i had a great experience meeting new and old people from the scene watching bands play tracks from the c64 and various other machines by sid80's,visa roster,acess denied and of course press play on tape who did a great job of organising the event my only setback about the event was the loudness of the music as if you were at the back of the room you couldnt hear very well so you neede to be at the front of the stage to be able to hear them properly has the room was quite narrow which probably was why they had to keep it at a certain volume so they wouldnt get feedback on the speakers but everything else was superb with a bar very nearby (very handy) ;) and a shop to get all your grubby hands on all the cd's at the c64audio shop. :)

Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson/Visa Röster: This time, Visa Röster did more of a show compared to London last year, and I think the pub crowd really liked that. We also sold a lot of copies of our new CD, "READY. Vocally too". I had a really good time, and I really hope there will be a Copenhagen Retro Weekend 2006 later on. With so many great performers and such a nice city, the dull autumn just wasn't dull anymore! Thanks to Press Play on Tape, you did a terrific job in arranging this event!

Rambones/The Supply Team/The Ancients: The expectations had been high ever since I ordered the ticket. We came early and was somewhere in a bar, and didn't really know where the entrance was, so me and Yaemon took a stroll to find out. We barged in a door, and there was Visa Röster and PPOT, talking quietly. As Theo/PPOT saw us, he immediately hushed us out and told us where to go. Then we were at the entrance, and out the door comes Andreas Wallström. It was then that my thought started to go to the people I was about to meet. I know almost everyone from the scene, and I always look forward to seeing them again. Once inside, I immediately ran into Jeroen Tel and Rob Hubbard. As it's the first time I see Rob in real life, I had no clue what to say, so I just said hi and shook his hand and told him who and why I am here. He didn't talk back to me, becoz some lamer came and interrupted the whole thing. Well, then I soon ran into the other guys I know, and the first beer was ordered. Talked to Chris Abbott and Kenz.

Then the concert started, and Visa Röster was even better than the last time I saw them. Top moment: when Visa Röster performed the oldskool scroller, with Johannes spinning! Unfortunately the soundmixer wasn't set right at first, the sound was horrible. During the next acts it got better though. My favourite is Karin Öjehagen – she pushes all the buttons in me that you possibly can :-) I was very positively surprised about the Axes Denied performance. They really had a good substance! Then I moved to the front and stayed there the rest of the time. Rob and Mark Knight's performance was feeling very intimate. I was happily surprised to find that Rob played far better than on the Brighton event. Best thing by Rob: a new tune that he made for a Disney game. It's the first new tune by Rob I hear in 16 years, but it has his real personal style in it! The talent hasn't gotten old!! :-)

My favourite performer of the evening was SID'80s. Marcel Donne is the rock of solid performance himself, Andreas Wallström keep the members to the beat, Joh Hare has an awesome stance when he plays, I sometimes thought he would fall over. Madfiddler is the embodyment of music itself. When he plays, his whole body is jerking and dancing. Awesome fiddle sounds!! And that new bassplayer really know his stuff!! Highlight: when introducing the members of SID'80s – Andreas did a drumsolo, that I've never heard anything like it before. Top stuff: Paperboy and Deflektor!!!!!! As they played Rasputin, I danced to the beat. As the beat kept going faster and faster, so did I!!!! I don't care if people think I'm crazy, I just went wild!! As PPOT went on stage, I went back to where Chris and Kenz was selling CD's, and there I got a good long talk with Jon Hare. My feet hurt like hell, so I had to sit down. Jon asked me what I thought of his guitar solos. I loved them, but he only believed half of me :) I went back up front, and totally jammed into the ending act: Monty on the Run. During the whole event, I was able to talk to all I know, so I don't feel I missed anyone.

As Jeroen Tel spanked his sid mixes into the air, I danced and tranced, for as long as my legs could bear it. :) Thank Jeroen! Now, please release that stuff!!! At the very end, I went with my friends to the night club, but that was a big bust, so we very quickly went outside, heading home. Here the last person I talked to, was Andreas again. I can just say: looking forward to the next event, whenever, whereever!!!

Rob Hubbard: Yes it was a very enjoyeable night. I think most people enjoyed it. I was left thinking about a lot of issues though. I believe that some people expected something more like hardcore retro – SID tunes with beats or remixes. I did get some hassle from people about what we played, but on the whole it was successful.

Slaygon/SLAY Radio: As I've been to all the events so far, except the one in Germany, I was looking forward to this since I know what I will be getting. It was great meeting all the performers again, and Jeroen Tel for the first time! Had time to meet a few of the regular listeners of SLAY Radio aswell, which was good! The broadcast from the event went beyond expectation, considering the trouble we had even getting online. Many thanks to all staffers for the effort they put in! See you at the next event!

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