© 1987 Dexion
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  Design: Starman  
  Design: The Warrior  
  Programming: Starman  
  Programming: The Warrior  
  Graphics: Fonts uncredited  
  Graphics: from Star Paws  
  Graphics: Project X  
  Graphics: Starman  
  Graphics: Tox  
  Graphics: The Warrior  
  Music: Antony Crowther  
  Music: Martin Galway  
  Music: Neil Baldwin  
  Music: Nigel Grieve  
  Music: Rob Hubbard  
  Ripping: Starman  
  Scrolltext: Antman  
  Scrolltext: Blitz  
  Scrolltext: Challenger  
  Scrolltext: Cocoon  
  Scrolltext: Divider  
  Scrolltext: DJ Sven  
  Scrolltext: The Pacific Breaker  
  Scrolltext: The Rebel  
  Scrolltext: Sleepy Sleep  
  Scrolltext: Spirit  
  Scrolltext: Starman  
  Scrolltext: The Warrior  
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The Rebels 1988
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Sector 90 1988
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