Creatures 2
© 1992 Thalamus
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Subtitle: Torture Trouble
By: Apex Computer Productions
Programming: John Rowlands
Graphics: Steve Rowlands
Music: Steve Rowlands
Help: Andy Roberts
Help: Andy Smith
Genre: Puzzle

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It got the total rating of 10 points from the viewers. "Quite possibly my all-time fave c64 game. Presentation, Graphics and Music are all unbeliavably good and the game plays really well. All of the subsection are great, although the bouncing interlude can bore you a bit after a while. But that's a very minor niggle. The second island hopping was nightmarishly hard, but this game is really worth completing. The end sequence is fabulous as well." says Tano.

  Creatures 2
Thalamus 1992
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