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Idea: Andreas Escher
Idea: Manfred Trenz
Programming: Manfred Trenz
Graphics: Andreas Escher
Graphics: Manfred Trenz
Music: Chris Hülsbeck
Loader: Heureka Teachware
Thanks to: Captain Power Crew
Thanks to: H. R. Giger
Cover design: Celal Kandemiroglo
Creatures: Andreas Escher
Tactical displays: Manfred Trenz
Smoke and mirror: Andreas Escher
Genre: Shoot'em up

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Download: Katakis.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/641.

It got the total rating of 9.5 points from the viewers. "This, Armalyte and Delta are the best shooters on the c64. This has great weaponry, very nice and colourful gfx, great music and sfx, lots of variety between the levels and a satisfying gameplay. Aside from being an R-Type rip-off, the game is not flawless: some bugs, even in the collision detection dept., a small playing area, and quite a heavy reliance on luck (balls). The pros much than compensate for that and this is definitely a topclass shmup." says Tano.

Rainbow Arts 1988
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