Flimbo's Quest
© 1990 System 3
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Design: Arthur van Jole
Programming: Laurens van der Donk
Concept: Laurens van der Donk
Demo concept: Dave Hogendorf
Demo concept: Patrick Witteman
Demo programming: Dave Hogendorf
Demo programming: Patrick Witteman
Graphics: Arthur van Jole
Add graphics: Jacco van T Riet
Music: Johannes Bjerregaard
Music: Reyn Ouwehand
Genre: Platform

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Download: Flimbos_Quest.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/2040.

It got the total rating of 9.5 points from the viewers. "We couldn't play this excellent game to end with my friends for months, so endly I had to crack it and equip it with untouchability and level choosing. This is my very favorite C64 game ever." says simple.

  Flimbo's Quest
System 3 1990
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Thalamus 1988
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