Defender of the Crown
© 1987 Cinemaware
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Development: Master Designer Software
Directed by: Kellyn Beeck
Written by: Kellyn Beeck
Art Direction: James Sachs
Add graphics: Bob Swiger
Add graphics: Doug Smith
Add graphics: John Cutter
Add graphics: Richard La Barre
Add graphics: Sol Masid
Add graphics: Steve Quinn
Music: Richard Joseph
Original music: Jim Cuomo
Orchestration: Bill Williams
Associate Producer: John Cutter
Computography: Robert J Mical
Mical Game System: Robert J Mical
Special effects: James Sachs
Distribution: Mindscape
Genre: Adventure

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Download: Defender_of_the_Crown.sid

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It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "Very atmospheric strategy game with high replayability factor." says Tano.

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