GBA Championship Basketball
© 1986 Activision
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Subtitle: Two-on-Two
Design: John Cutter
Design: Scott Orr
Programming: Troy Lyndon
Presented by: Gamestar
Graphics: John Cutter
Graphics: Scott Orr
Animation: Mark Madland
Music: Tommy Dunbar
Special thanks to: Doug Barnett
Special thanks to: Dr. Claypoole
Special thanks to: Keith Orr
Instructions: Mard Naman
Producer: Scott Orr
Editorial manager: Steven Young
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "Easily the most playable, fun, and addictive of the C64 basketball games. I don't even like basketball, but I spent many many hours on this one!" says Chris R..

  GBA Championship Basketball
Activision 1986
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