Alter Ego (male)
© 1986 Activision
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Design: Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.
Written by: Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.
Programming: E. C. Horvath, UniMac
Add programming: Mark Hahn
Original graphics: Jersey Cow Software Company
Special thanks to: Allison Hale
Special thanks to: Garry Kitchen
Special thanks to: Lawrence Schick
Special thanks to: Patricia Daley
Special thanks to: Peter Patel
Special thanks to: Sam Nelson
Special thanks to: Theresa Favaro
Special thanks to: Vince Desi
Special thanks to: Vincent Solimine, Jr.
Documentation: Elizabeth Metzger Armstrong
Documentation contributions: James Charne
Documentation contributions: Peter J. Favaro, Ph.D.
Producer: James Charne
Creative consultation: Sarah Kortum
Genre: Adventure

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It got the total rating of 7 points from the viewers. "This game is always going to lose marks on graphics/sound. That said, while the sound is very poor, the graphics are actually ver functional and easy on the eye. The game? Genius!" says Emperor Roscoe.

  Alter Ego (male)
Activision 1986
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