Sword of Honour
© 1992 Prestige Software
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Production: Hi-Track
Commodore 64 version: M. F. N.
Programming: Uncredited
Original game by: Gabor Harsanyi
Presented by: Dynafield Systems
Graphics: Uncredited
Original graphics: Jack Dworznik
Add graphics: Stephen Wahid
Music: John Carehag
Original music: Mattias Fridh
Genre: Adventure

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Download: Sword_of_Honour.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/1178.

It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Used to play it on Amiga 500. It was a great game. Arcade adventure in fighting style." says markegiani.

  Sword of Honour
Prestige Software 1992
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