G.I. Joe
© 1985 Epyx
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Subtitle: A Real American Hero
Design: Jeff Johannigman
Design: Ray Carpenter
Programming: Uncredited
Graphics: Uncredited
Music: Bob Vieira
Producer: Matt Householder
Trademark: Hasbro
Genre: Combat

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Download: G_I_Joe.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/430.

It got the total rating of 6.5 points from the viewers. "While the load times are a bit long, the fight sequences are fun. Like Archon except for the fact that the control here isn\'t as tight as Archon. Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow, who doesn\'t love that fight? The vehicle parts are a bit slow, but breaking them up between fights makes them more bearable.The music, if you never knew the G.I. Joe theme before, you will after playing this game.Cetainly worth a go, just use a fast loader to zoom you past the load times." says Joe.

  G.I. Joe
Epyx 1985
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