Let's Scroll it!
The idea behind doing a demo in the first place was born in 2004. I just got the urge to write a lot of scrolltexts again. I first asked Rambones of the legendary The Supply Team if he wanted to code it. He said yes, but I didn't hear from him while I was designing the demo. It turned out that he had given it a couple of tries, but failed. His coding-skills weren't quite the same anymore.

I started to look around for another coder that would be able to code the stuff I had designed, but also someone with his own ideas. I found that coder in HCL of Booze Design. He gave me the thumbs up, the demo took a slightly different direction, and we started working. Various private matters delayed the demo until this year, but we were lucky because the copy-party X2006 was around the corner.

The whole idea with the demo was to do something that sounded and looked good with a scrolling function in focus. The fact that it got some very hot coding in it as well, is just a bonus. I wanted to release something people would come back to, and what better way is there than to cram lots of scrolltexts and music in it? Check out the complete credits-list below. It's rather impressive.

Personally, it's been a great and sometimes tough journey. HCL is the best bloody C64 coder out there, and he's also a very good friend. Always kind and always up for the task. It's been a pleasure to work with him. Getting all the C64 scrolltexts from your old-time heroes was really cool. And to have my friends write some text was cool too. The toughest part for me personally, was drawing the hires-picture of Kylie. It took me ages and a bit of help from The Sarge to finish.

Over all, I've had a blast, and would like to thank everyone that contributed!

If you have any comments on the demo, good or bad, get in touch. Feedback may result in a new demo in another 10 years. :)

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The Let's Scroll it! goodiebag
The goodiebag consists of all the eight tracks used in the demo, in SID format of course. On Tuesday 17th, the goodiebag will also include six remixes made from the music in the demo. Finally, there's a hires PDF of the official Let's Scroll it! diskcover for you to print.

The music in the demo was made by: Chapelier, Drax, Hein, and Jeroen Tel. The remixes was made by: Dafunk, Hazel, Jeroen Breebaart, Makke, Markus Holler, and Moog. The diskcover was made by Simon Leijnse (Redstar/Logic).

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Join the competition – Win the Back in Time Live DVD!
Join the competition to win a copy of the Back in Time Live DVD, courtesy of Chris Abbott and C64audio.com. Just fill in your name and e-mail plus answer the very simple question.

If you don't know anything about this DVD, click here. Here's two full-length clips from the DVD: Rob Hubbard playing One Man and His Droid, and SID'80s (Ben Daglish, Reyn Ouwehand, Jon Hare, Marcel Donné, Mark Knight, Andreas Wallström) doing Deflektor.

The competition closes on November 10th. The winner will receive personal notification and will be announced in the news section.



What is the first word you see on screen in the 5th and final part?

Complete credits-list
Projectleading and design: Morpheus (Andreas Wallström)
Programming: HCL/Booze Design
Graphics: The Hobbit, Morpheus, The Sarge, Viny
Music: Chapelier, Drax, Hein and Jeroen Tel
Scrolltext: Chapelier, Dan Gilgrass, Morpheus, Unlock, and Trazan.

Lots of old friends, new friends, and heroes of days gone by contributed with a scrolltext as well. This is the complete list of the 64 scrolltexts found in the scrolltext part:

Archer Maclean
Barry Leitch
Ben Daglish
Bilbo/Science 451
Bill Barna
Bizzmo/Genesis Project
Bob/Censor Design
Chris Abbott
Chris Shrigley
Dave Collier
Dave Warhol
The Detonator 4001
Drax/Maniacs of Noise
H.O/Science 451
Der Hansie/The Judges
Hugh Riley
Inferno/Swedish Cracking Crew
Irata/TRSI & Red Sector
Jaws/Boys Without Brains
Jeff Smart/Triad
Jon Hare
Jonathan Dunn
King Fisher/Triad
The Leader/Science 451
Mahoney/Kaktus & Mahoney
Marcel Donné
Markus Schneider
Metal Maniac/Dual Crew
Mr Pinge/Triad
Paul Norman
Rambones/The Supply Team
Red/The Judges
Richard Joseph
Rob Hubbard
Robin Levy
Rygar/Science 451
The Sarge/Triad
The Shark/INC
Simon Butler
The SLAY Radio team (Slaygon, Makke, DJ Skitz, Boz, and Fnord)
Snacky/Genesis Project
The Spy/Flash Inc.
Stan Schembri
STE'86/The Mean Team
Utopia/The Silents
White/The Judges
Zzap/Swedish Cracking Crew

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